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Source Qing / Hongrui international legal Patent and Trademark Office ( hereinafter referred to as the firm ) , Hongrui International Intellectual Property Limited was established in March 2003 , the current legal department set up in Taipei , New Taipei patent portions settings and Tainan City . The firm currently consists of lawyers and Xu Qing Yao Ying Ni Hua lawyers led to the most professional and the most dedicated of feelings and attitudes , expectations of service throughout Taiwan , all the high-tech industry of the three places of the continent .

The firm snare patent ( trademark ) litigation lawyers, patent agents , an appraiser and abroad in various fields relevant industry experience and technical background of outstanding patent engineers, teachers trademarks , patents and intellectual rights management engineer drawing a total of 35 to 40 teachers bit colleagues to uphold Taiwan’s offer, American quality service to customers .

The firm has the seeds of the Intellectual Property Office of the qualifications of teachers , and to assist patent rights related courses organized by Chi Shih Hsin University , Feng Chia University , Chung Yuan Christian University , National Taiwan University of Science and Technology , Chin-Yi University of Technology . And provide relevant enterprises in intellectual rights related courses to enhance the awareness of internal R & D personnel for intellectual rights , in order to protect the development of creative enterprises are protected.

The firm uphold and maintain law and order in the society to defend the rights of the parties beliefs in general civil and criminal , handling business and legal disputes on patent , trademark application practices , the management of intellectual property rights and related security, has accumulated considerable experience in the deep . With the rapid development of high-tech industries , the frequent interaction of international trade and cross-strait exchanges are increasingly dense , relevant laws and intellectual property matters , the Department for all concerned , Bensuotongren to the accumulated knowledge and experience , hoping for Enterprise circles of friends to provide a more complete and detailed legal and intellectual property professional services.