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In view of the professional services based on the law and intellectual property, our firm recruit diverse technical fields of people which includes bachelor and master (and higher) on either domestic or abroad universities to handle the intellectual property cases and collaborate with our contractors oversea. Its related technologies focused on semiconductors, electronics, optoelectronics, biochemical, communications and other computer manufactures. For the scope of our legal practices, we cover high tech related fields of legal disputes and litigation on software, e-commerce, business and information.


When the level of technological development in Taiwan has been synchronized with other counties and we believe that the concepts and practices in Taiwan for legal or intellectual property protection are also synchronized with others, our firm is going to connect the world with bringing the high tech industries. We do our best to provide in-depth and professional service for intellectual property protection for our clients. While the China market is becoming more and more important to the world, every client can get full service on both Taiwan and China after entrust us.